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wine pouch Oscar de l'emballage 2009 Oscar of Packaging 2009


Concept : The “Wine Pouch” innovation

*The Wine-Pouch: Oscar de l'Emballage 2009 Category "Consumption" section "Drink"

 Wine Pouch® offers a wide range of wines for consumers who appreciate high quality wines but who are not tied to the traditional way of serving and drinking wine.

 Wine Pouch® proposes you to discover a whole range of fresh, light or full bodied wines, which fit with every wine drinking occasion. They are a perfect answer to current needs and trends for drinking wine by the glass.

 Wine Pouch®: an innovative wine packaging technology that hold the wine flavours when they are at their optimum and preserves these flavours for up to six weeks after opening.

 Wine Pouch®: A trendy packaging, friendly and convenient for an everyday consumption, and a modern volume of 1.5L. Environmentally friendly – 80% less CO2 emission compared with two 75cl glass bottles, it is also less expensive and lighter than traditional glass bottles.

 Greener than any other packaging
The Wine pouch is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint of the wine :

No more glass, which produces a lot of CO2 during its production

Less packaging, the pouch cuts the amount of waste by 90%

50% lighter than two glass bottles, it needs less fuel for transportation

Keeps the wine fresh up to 6 weeks after opening, less waste of wine

Even less emissions with the organic pouch.


The Wine-Pouch® features :  

Weight (g) : empty 35 / full : 1 516
Size (mm): Width 200/ Height 280/ Depth 90
Shelf life: 1 year closed, 6 weeks after opening
Thickness: 174 microns
Tap: type: Compact Vitop / Color : Black and red Orientation : 12h00


Transport handle: 3 holes
Airless packaging: injection of inert gas during the filling (nitrogen)
Ecological :
- 80% lower carbon footprint than two glass bottles
- 90% less waste and less landfill than two glass bottles

Part of the packaging weight in the total weight (equivalent 75cl)


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